Our Mission as Godparents

To provide a guiding force in the children's lives through quality
relationships between Godparents and children. To sponsor their schooling, and additional programs which provide for individual  challenges to each child, both academically and socially,  The group's mission is to provide within each child the hope of realizing his or her individual dreams, a desire for learning and living, and a sense of gratitude and respect for others. Many Godparents have commited to university expenses if their child qualifies. We have one boy in university now.

Changing Children's Lives

Godparents are couples who reside in Chapala Lakeside area, that wish to become emotionally invololved with a child. It is a commmitment that is not taken lightly. Financially they contribute to the child’s school expenses, and buy them clothes and personal items. In addition Godparents  participate in the child’s birthday and Christmas. Godparents take their child on an outing at least once a month.  The Mexican government has strict guidlines as to who may qualify as Godparents.
Noe Age 7
What are Godparents?
What are sponsors?
Sponsors are non-residents and residents that wish to sponsor a child, but are not involved personally. Their contributtion is used to pay to the child’s education expense, including uniforms, school and sports shoes, backpacks, admission fees etc.  Basically anything relating to attending school. Some sponsors also contribute for birthday and Christmas gifts.
America  Age 7
Brisa   Age 12
  2012 expense report
School Supplies
Uniforms & Shoes
School Fees
Bank Fees
Supplies Other

Marco Age 6
$  36,896.85
$  21,605.00
$    1,641.06
$    5,546.92
$       354.50
$    9,912.00

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